Ways to improve your business

My approach to business coaching is to firmly establish at the outset the business performance levels and what needs improving to achieve the owners’ and senior managers’ desired goals. I use a tried and tested diagnostic approach that has been designed to measure objectively all the key functions within any business, from traditional manufacturing to latest digital online designers and everything in between.

My structured coaching approach would typically go on to include some or all of the following:

  • Financial assessment and health check
  • Markets – customer types, values, potential for new business
  • Marketing & Sales – current business account development, new business targeting
  • People – key roles, current performance, training and recruitment needs
  • Resources – IT, operations and production
  • Systems and processes – communications and business controls
  • Key partners and business channels/routes to market

In essence, coaching is about bringing proven methods and techniques to the business and ensuring good practices are understood and adopted by the business. Mentoring brings the additional element of direct knowledge and experience of key business functions, such as sales & marketing or people development; even of direct sector and business type experience where appropriate.